Harald Selke


About Me

I have been into SLR photography since 1980, sticking with analog photography (mostly slides) until 2008. In my photography, I am still thinking pretty much in the same way as I did in analog times, taking my time before shooting. I am in no way a professional photographer but a real amateur who does what he does for the love of it.

Landscape photography is the field I am interested in most. I don't stick to the road and places you can easily get to, but rather take the camera to where I hope to find a good subject. I am a regular visitor to New Zealand, so you can find heaps of images from Aotearoa in my portfolio. In travel photography, I try to capture what the place I visit feels like. This is always easier for me when I know the place and have visited it before. Dresden and London are the two of my favourite cities in Europe that I know best.

In photographing architecture, I keep looking for interesting light and interesting forms. Repeating structures and the often graphical forms of modern architecture are two of my favourite subjects. Industry buildings also offer a wealth of photographic opportunities. In the best cases, the buildings themselves are interesting subjects. And in almost any case there are many details to be discovered for anyone willing to look out for them.

Occasionally I also get into people photography. On a regular basis, I take photos of musicians, mostly during concerts but have also done portrait shoots. From time to time I visit sports events to take photos there, though I wouldn't consider myself being an expert in that field. My travel photography has also led me into photographing animals which I prefer to do in their natural habitat rather than in a zoo.

If you are interested, you can see more of my photos in my portfolio or on Flickr. Most of my photos are published under a Creative Commons License that allows you to share the photos in your own publications as long as you give appropriate credit (by providing either my real name or my flickr user name, a copyright and license notice and a link to the photo next to where you are using it) and do not use them for commercial purposes. You are also allowed to modify my photos or build upon them as long as you publish your contribution under the same license as the photos used. Photos showing people are an exception and may not be distributed or used for any purpose without my explicit consent in written form on paper or as an email.

If you are in doubt whether your planned use of my photos is commercial, please contact me at info(at)harald selke.de (without the space). I will usually allow the use of my photos in "slightly commercial" contexts and for non-profit organizations. However, due to bad experiences I like to be asked. If you want to use one of my photos for commercial purposes, please don't hesitate to contact me as well to obtain a permisson. Prints are also available; feel free to contact me for details if you are interested in having one made for you.